Players of Instruments: 

Adrianne deLanda / Alex deLanda / Aaron Deer / Josh Miller / Michael Jirkovsky


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    Extra Classic is a band based out of San Francisco, CA.  Recording in their analog studio in San Francisco, lead songwriters, Alex and Adrianne deLanda, formed Extra Classic based on their mutual love of classic Jamaican dub and psychedelic rock and roll.  After self-releasing their own 45rpm vinyl singles, the Roots/Psychedelic inspired debut Extra Classic full-length album, “Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam,” was released by Burger Records in 2012 on cassette (currently sold out).  Manimal Vinyl (Los Angeles, CA) released the album on gatefold vinyl LP format.

    The Extra Classic live band consists of the following players.  Adrianne deLanda (vocals and keyboards; formerly Adrianne Verhoeven) released an album under the name, “Dri,” titled, “Smoke Rings” in 2007.  Adrianne was a member of The Anniversary from 1997-2003 (Vagrant Records).  Alex deLanda (bass & guitar) is a song writer/producer who has worked with The Papercuts, The Donkeys, and Casiotone for The Painfully Alone, among others.  Alex maintains an analog tape recording studio, Nopal Recording, in San Francisco where all Extra Classic songs are produced.  Michael Jirkovsky (drums) from Social Studies.  Josh Miller (guitar) singer/songwriter of bay-area based band, The Wrong Words (Trouble In Mind) and Outer Embassy.  Aaron Deer (keys) was a member of The Impossible Shapes and current player/songwriter in Outer Embassy. 

    Inspired by their favorite classic Jamaican Dub and Lovers Rock albums, Alex and Adrianne worked to create a “Showcase” LP for the sophomore Extra Classic release.  In the traditional “Showcase” format, each song is immediately followed by its corresponding dub/version.  In this way, the Extra Classic “Showcase” LP has 6 songs, each followed by a dub/version, for a total of 12 songs on the album.  All of the songs from the Extra Classic “Showcase” album were produced with vintage recording equipment and tape machines from the 60s & 70s.  The dub/versions of each song on the album highlight various aspects of themes presented in each song with a psychedelic sonic quality.  Alex and Adrianne have worked diligently to create new songs with old sounds in a swirling mixture of analog tape splicing, space echo, heavy phase, and classic song-writing themes.  

    Extra Classic is currently working on recording their third album.


    ...broadcast unifying signals of exotic and dense dub...recording in the dusty and exclusively analog desert of 8 track tape...fresh yet instantly classic . . Extra Classic.
    — dublab
    …like the Cramps, these guys have taken all their favorite sounds and combined them into something new and balls-out trippy…as if someone had kidnapped a chanteuse from Pentangle…and propped her up in front and then had them tour the Congo.
    — L.A. Record
    Extra Classic have developed a music style uniquely their own by successfully capturing golden-era Jamaican music’s stoney essence through a rock & roll prism.
    — Danny Holloway (70's Island Records Producer and DJ Extraordinaire)
    Emotive, and done with so much dedication and devotion to old reggae, may appeal to those who enjoy the music of the mid 1970s from acts such as Big Star and Dwight Twilley.
    — Pennyblack
    If you like grooves, brews and attitudes, yer stoked then because this is your favourite band. Guess what? They’re mine too! Party time homies.
    — fuckyeahgoteam.blogspot.com